No more tangled rods/reels/tackle or trips to the emergency room!

LurKaze has been designed for ONE HAND operation that allows you to hold your rod/reel with one hand, grasp and open the LureKaze with the other hand, swing and drop your lure into the LurKaze, snap close the lid with your index and middle fingers and then secure the LurKaze to a rod eyelet or on the reel via the extended eye hook. Removal of the lure from LurKaze requires only grasping the LurKaze with one hand, pop open the lid with your thumb and simply lowering the LurKaze down and away from your lure. The LureKaze can then be hooked to your belt loop or pants pocket via the extended eye hook until ready to secure anotherĀ  lure.

***Due to high demand, current ship out date is 12-16 weeks.***

In the meantime, Happy Fishing!!




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